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Saving good food
to wasteless

Make your meals count, reduce waste, and enjoy more.

Tackling Singapore's
Food Waste

Every day, 2 million kg of food go to waste in Singapore—equivalent to two million bags of rice. Wasteless, your change ally, guides you to donation points, extends grocery shelf life with savvy tips, and empowers strategic waste reduction. Join us in cutting down food waste, making a visible impact—one thoughtful choice at a time.


Reshaping your Food Waste story

Wasteless is transforming how you handle food waste, reshaping your culinary story. We're building a community that values every meal, looking past leftovers to make each bite count. Our vision isn't just about waste reduction; it's a complete shift in your relationship with meals.
Join us on this journey where your choices actively contribute to a more sustainable and mindful way of living.

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