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About Wasteless

Food waste is a serious problem.

In Singapore, the alarming disposal of over 2 million kilograms of food daily, equivalent to two million bags of rice, raises concerns about the sustainability of our waste management. Notably, half of our daily household waste consists of discarded food, with a mere 18% being recycled. This trend poses a looming threat as our primary landfill is anticipated to reach full capacity in just 11 years. Essential food items like rice, noodles, and bread contribute significantly to this waste, further impacting the 10.4% of surveyed households experiencing food insecurity. The lack of awareness and convenient avenues for donating excess food adds complexity to this challenge, necessitating a focused effort to address food waste at its source.

A multi-pronged solution for a multi-faceted problem. 

Our response to Singapore's food waste challenge is a user-friendly web app designed as a comprehensive guide. This one-stop platform directs users to strategic donation points, provides essential tips for extending the shelf life of groceries, offers an intuitive portion calculator for precise meal planning, and curates a resource hub for a thorough understanding of effective food waste reduction. By promoting additional food drop-off locations, including partnerships with organizations like the Food Bank, we aim to contribute to reducing food waste at the community level. While our solution doesn't directly address hunger, it creates a valuable bridge between surplus food and channels that can help alleviate food insecurity.


Join us in this focused endeavor to foster a more sustainable and conscientious community, taking a crucial step towards combating food waste in Singapore.

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